Dreams In Old Black and White Film

"Sometimes, the sins you haven't committed are all you have left to hold onto." ~David Sedaris


i want tattoos and self esteem

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Jack Gleeson, though, deserves so much praise for the work he’s done on this show. Honestly, he gave such vivid life to this character, and made us hate him even more. Seriously, bravo Jack, amazing work. 

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London + Eccentricity = Style


  • i wanted to write a poem about the subways
  • our blue lines
  • how trains change in every city
  • the ends of handlebars at different heights
  • i wanted to write about how we don’t really touch
  • the spaces between atoms do not allow it
  • i read that somewhere
  • between midtown and brooklyn

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Yes, how to?


Yes, how to?


Dad Makes Fantastic Butterfly Pancakes for His Kids

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